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Must-have clothing brands for summertime concerts

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What's one of the best parts about attending a concert? Aside from the music itself, it's picking out an outfit to wear to said concert, obviously! With artists like Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks going on tour this summer, concerts will no doubt feel a bit like a fashion show.

Here are some one-of-a-kind brands that you'll need to get an outfit from for your summer concerts and festivals:

Her Pony

Her Pony the Label is a unique and sustainable brand that is described as "next-level festival treasures". All of the articles of clothing that the brand offers are handmade and made to order. Upon special requests, the brand will make custom sizing for their clothing as well.

All of their clothing is brightly colored, originally patterned and ultimately gorgeous. Lauren Stein founded the company and pulled inspiration at the start of her career from the patters of the 60s and 70s. The company's style could be described as vintage festival hippie. Stein opened a Bali workshop where she found a way of supporting the local community while continuing to grow the brand. Any article from Her Pony would be perfect for any festival or rave this summer.


MINIPNG is a clothing brand made by Eiress Hammond (aka MINI). Eiress is a 23-year-old based out of Connecticut. MINI’s work is all hand crafted and every piece is one of a kind. MINIPNG is like if a New York fashion school project had a baby with Y2k and streetwear fashion.

MINI’s work features a lot of hand stitching, unusual textures and original drawings on the fabric. However, if you want a piece from MINIPNG, you have to take advantage of her bi-weekly drops as soon as possible. Since all of her clothing is handmade, the quantity of her clothes is very limited. MINIPNG would be a great fit for any rock or rap concert you may be attending this summer.

Dibo Bido

Dibo Bido is an Australian-based brand that offers handmade corsets. The owners of Dibo Bido say that the brand is a child of the pandemic. All the corsets are made from upcycled fabric that the owners find at local thrift stores. Additionally, Dibo Bido's corsets and dresses are fully adjustable and have a large range of sizing. The brand offers tops and dresses made from satin and tulle, making the articles very feminine. A dress or corset from Dibo Bido would make anyone feel sexy and gorgeous as soon as they put it on and would be perfect for any bubblegum pop or Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

Whether you just want to pop off for social media or you just want to feel in your element for this concert season, you’ll need some of these one-of-a-kind pieces.


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