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Minimize Your Closet For A Capsule Wardrobe: Spring and Summer Edition

A trend that I found myself getting into when I started college was the idea of minimalism. I can’t tell if it was my newfound sense of independence or my growth of spirituality that made me want to reevaluate every material thing that I owned, but didn’t really want--or need--anymore. No matter the reason, I do remember stumbling upon a documentary on Netflix my freshman year that first introduced me to the concept of living minimalistically. The film, still available on Netflix, is called “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things,” and features two men who gave up big corporate jobs in order to simplify their lives.

One of the first areas of my life that I thought needed attention was my closet. This was honestly the hardest thing for me because I. LOVE. CLOTHES. Being able to put together pieces tailored towards my own style can be an art form in itself. However, I came to realize that I had way more articles of clothing than I needed, but I didn’t really know where to start. After searching Pinterest, though, I came across a term called a “capsule wardrobe.”

Capsule wardrobes consist of a minimal amount of clothing items that can be mixed-and-matched into multiple outfits. They are usually developed specifically for a season, but all share the idea of owning less while still being able to create styles that look new every day. I’d like to share two of the guides to a capsule wardrobe that I’ve found on Pinterest, from a blog named Jayde Archives. These can hopefully help transition your closet towards minimalism.


Here are a few examples of some cute clothing pieces for this Spring that can always be styled to perfection on any occasion.


Thinking forward to Summer, I hope this guide can be useful when you start to shop for the next staples in your wardrobe!

As for myself, I haven’t quite captured the “capsule wardrobe,” but I’ve done a lot to narrow down the pieces in my closet that are versatile and reliable. While my main goal is to keep my material possessions to a minimum, I encourage everyone to at least reflect on life and see if there are things that can be a little bit simpler--whether it be an #OOTD or something else.

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