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Memories of London

Five years ago, a plane whisked me from a familiar land into the majestic city of London. I fell in love the moment I glimpsed England's capital. The bustling streets led to endless possibilities. The buildings enchanted tourists with their unknown history.

A hotel overlooking Big Ben stands near Westminster Bridge. Upon arriving there, my companion and I checked into our room, abandoned our bags and dashed outside. We commenced our exploration in Westminster Abbey.

Many prominent events occurred within its walls. In 2011, Prince William and Catherine Middleton performed their marriage ceremony in the royal church. People gathered there to bury Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton centuries ago.

St. Paul's Cathedral stands nearby on Ludgate Hill. Its dome pierces the sky, reaching 365 feet into the air. My mouth fell open as I halted beneath the church's crown. The structure extends so far that James Thornhill, an artist, painted eight scenes across it that narrated St. Paul's life.

Near the end of our journey, we visited Shakespeare's Globe Theater, which rests at the edge of the River Thames. The structure carries the scent of a bygone era. I felt transported to another time when I settled upon the pews centered around the stage. I experienced the sights and sensations the audience felt centuries ago while watching Shakespeare's plays performed on stage.

While London is renowned for its historical buildings, it also offers charming modern attractions like the London Eye and Madame Tussauds. In between tours, one can sip a steaming americano in Scootercaffe or dine outside at the Locale Italian cuisine. Book lovers can wander the Stanfords shop, while art lovers can explore the National Gallery.

London guarantees everyone an experience full of wonder and surprises. Tourists experience only one sorrowful moment between London's borders—when they bid farewell to a place that imprinted lifelong memories upon their hearts that will never fade.


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