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Like a Local: Johnny Conqueroo EP Release at The Burl

This is the first edition of "Like a Local," a column by Allie Diggs highlighting the best that Lexington has to offer from music to breakfast to theatre and more.

You could feel the crowd bursting with energy, and that’s exactly what every Johnny Conqueroo show does to the audience. Last Friday, Johnny Conqueroo played at The Burl. The Burl is a venue in Lexington's distillery district that brings in so much talent locally and from all over. Check it out if you enjoy small venue shows. And guess what -- they are all decently priced. Hello to AFFORDABLE live music. You’re welcome!

Johnny Conqueroo released their new EP “Takin It Easy,” and it is a must-listen. It’s a perfect mix of rock ‘n roll with a sweet touch of smooth jazz. Their stage presence commands the audience's full attention. The crowd was in awe, including me. We were all so engulfed in their liveliness while they performed. Their music makes you want to dance and move around. During almost the whole set, I found myself moshing with the other listeners around me. Not only was the music and crowd full of excitement but the amazing visuals played behind the performers by Michael Lozovoy brought even more life to the stage.

The two openers for the show were This Pine Box and The Slaps. This Pine Box was the first act of the night. Once lead singer Jake Knight began to sing, people were drawn to the stage, and his voice belted through The Burl and excited the crowd. It was an awesome start to the night; you could tell that everyone was ready to go and ready for a night of music! Go listen to “If I Had Legs” it’s my personal favorite (what a great jam).

The crowd seemed to sway with The Slaps. The warm lighting behind them created a calm atmosphere, and it was a perfect fit for their style. The Slaps is a very chill and mellow-sounding group. I enjoy this band a lot and think they would be a great addition to any chill playlist you have. The crowd yelled out for the drummer as he stood up and sang his solo “Being Around.” Give it a listen. It might break your heart a little, but it's too good to pass up.

If you weren’t there, I am sorry, you missed a magnificent night, but trust me, there will be plenty more. Lexington is filled with very talented local artists and venues that bring in all kinds of bands and performers. Keep your eyes peeled because Lexington is a secret gold mine of music and entertainment. If you are new to this city or want to stay in the loop, follow social media pages so you can be updated on who is coming to town. For this show specifically, follow @theburlky, @johnnyconqeuroo, @the.slaps, @thispinebox, and @yovozol on Instagram. The Burl will keep you updated on who is coming to their venue. The bands' Instagrams will not only entertain you but also notify you when and where their next show is. I also included Michael Lozovoy; he is a very talented live visual art artist, check out his stuff!

Support local artists and rock on!

Photos: Allie Diggs

Visual Art: Michael Lozovoy

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