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Lextran Red Mile route leaves students late to class

An electronic sign on front a UK Blue Route bus makes riders aware of the mask requirement on Friday, Aug. 28, 2020, at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Michael Clubb | Kentucky Kernel Staff

Recent complaints about the timing of the Lex Tran Red Mile bus route are circling the University of Kentucky's campus.

“I would like to emphasize it’s unreliable and says it’s five minutes away when it is not,” UK senior Kalli English said.

The buses on all Lextran routes are GPS-tracked and show their ETA on apps such as TransLoc and My Stop. Many students living in apartments off campus rely on the Red Mile route and its tracking apps to get to class on time.

“There is nothing I can do about it. Either I get to class 30 minutes early or I get to class 3-10 minutes late, there is no middle ground,” UK senior Thomas Story said.

For many of these students, the Red Mile route is their only way to get onto the UK's campus.

Lextran bus driver Vlnka Vanev attributes issues and delays to a lack of drivers.

“There is a shortage of bus drivers right now and even maybe the last couple of years since the pandemic started it feels there is a very big shortage,” Vanev said.

To improve the reliability of the Red Mile route, one UK student proposed an improved tracking system.

“[I suggest] a more accurate tracking system of the buses because all of the ones that I have experienced so far are inaccurate, so that would be the best thing probably, the easiest way.” junior Emanual Collins said.

Although there are obviously varying issues with the Red Mile route, it still transports many students to campus every day. Several students alluded to the fact that the buses will get you on campus at some point, just maybe not on time.


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