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Lexington Taco Week

Updated: May 26, 2020

A few weeks ago it was Crave Taco week, thank you Lexington and thank you Crave.

Crave partnered with Casa de la Cultura Ky, a nonprofit that promotes cultural activities around central Kentucky. 23 restaurants participated, creating a new spin or twist on their taco recipes. $5 a plate, I decided to embark on the journey of trying some of these tacos. Meat lovers and veggie lovers welcome, they had a taco for everyone to try.

I made it to 2 restaurants out of 23, I would’ve loved to go to all of them but that’s a lot of tacos.

Corta Lima

Hands down my favorite restaurant in Lexington. I love the vibe, food, service and I also love how this place is always buzzing with people. I decided to sample a lot of the things on the menu because why not, it's taco week!

To start off the table, we got queso and guac. You cannot go wrong with either one of these -delicious and fresh. After stuffing my face with those dips, in addition to adding their pineapple sauce and spicy sauce to every bite, I decided to basically order the whole menu. I ordered their taco week special which was “pork belly chicharrones served on a corn tortilla topped with onions, cilantro, and red ghost pepper sauce,” Mexican corn, and their mac 'n' cheese. Settle down, no I didn’t eat all of it by myself I split it with my friend and man, it was good.


Another amazing taco week special just down the street from Corta Lima. I decided to order the guac and chips from Minglewood. The chips almost reminded me of triangular pieces of funnel cake. They weren’t your average skinny, greasy, and salty tortilla chips. They had a sweet flavor to them, and it paired well with the guac. The presentation of these tacos was cool, not a flat basic tortilla. These tortillas were shaped like small little bowls holding all the goodness together. Their description of their specialty taco is “mojo and beer-braised pulled chicken topped with avocado and herb creamy slaw, fresh tomato, and jalapeno.” They also have vegetarian tacos that are delicious; I went back later that week and tried them. This restaurant had fun energy, our waitress was very personable, and I just enjoyed the atmosphere and food, of course.

I love going out to eat and sitting in a restaurant with a lively atmosphere, it is a whole different experience when eating out. People watching is a bad habit of mine, but I love it. Not in a creepy way, I just enjoy seeing people happy, laughing in groups friends, or with a loved one. Another thing I love doing is I focus on the song playing in the background and try to figure out the song. These two restaurants I visited were buzzing with energy and people and with waiters and waitresses serving their taco specials left and right.

Again, this was a couple of weeks ago, and I know this has been an abrupt change for all of us.

Local restaurants and businesses still need our support through this hard time. Try to order take out from someone in your town, maybe go to your neighborhood grocery!

Support Local.


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