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INDY BLUE: More Than Just an Influencer

Although you might think you don’t know Indy Blue, you most likely do. I discovered her from her 2018 vlogs featuring her adventures across the world - each of these vlogs getting about one million views on Twitter and 200k-500k views on her YouTube channel. She is more than just a vlogger, though. She created her own blog and from there started her own fashion brand, Lonely Ghost Co. The staple item from her brand is her "I love you say it back" sweats. She created her label in December of 2018. From there, she instantly grew. Starting at just a few shirts and gold platted inhaler necklaces, she now has a large variety of clothes, masks, jewelry, and hats to choose from. Most recently, she did a collaboration with Igloo Coolers.

Along with her successful fashion brand, she is a social media icon. Her brand's Instagram is what you would call "aesthetically pleasing." It is full of people wearing her brand "fashionably" with a mix of inspirational quotes and art posts throughout it. Who doesn’t love that? She and her brand are constantly supporting love, equality, and happiness which is noticeable just through her slogan "I love you say it back."

Although Indy Blue is on track to her rise to fame, she does not let that change the humble person she is. She is constantly using her platform to speak up about the BLM movement, sex trafficking, and inequality around the world. Although she makes these breathtaking vlogs of her experiences around the world that we all dream of, she speaks about all the parts that weren’t caught on tape. She learned first-hand about sex trafficking while working with victims in India. She uses that experience and her platform to bring awareness to this extremely important issue that nobody is really speaking up about. She has also been attending BLM protests and standing in the front lines to fight for equality for all.

Indy Blue is more than your average influencer. She is constantly staying up to date with trends and even starting her own across the fashion industry. She consistently blogs, vlogs, and creates digitals and playlists, all while being a consistent activist. Check out her clothing brand and blog and try supporting an influencer who is constantly supporting us.

Instagram: @indyblue_


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