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Iconic summer trends to hop on before it’s too late (and how to style them)

It’s officially #hotgirlsummer with June rolling in, which means it's only right to step our wardrobe game up. The trends going on right now are too good to miss out on, and I’m here to tell you what to purchase and what to leave on the rack.

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Skipping: Birkenstocks

Wearing: Kitten heels/mules

A staple for the perfect summer look. The key to killing this trend is picking up a pair in a bright blue, green, bubblegum pink or orange shade. Zara is currently supplying us with amazing options at an affordable price (I wish you the best of luck navigating through the website if you don't have a store near you).

Skipping: Checkerboard

Wearing: Retro florals and prints

Another option that lets us explore our love for color and brighten our days: printed bikinis, dresses, tops and a few exceptional pairs of pants. Retro florals and patterns are so in and are being sold pretty much everywhere. Check out Frankie’s Bikinis to see the trend executed perfectly and With Jéan to see the most perfect tops and dresses.

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Skipping: Tube tops and strapless clothes

Wearing: All the straps... literally

Abundant straps dominated spring/summer '21 runways and now we can see this trend in every store. It’s sexy and fun, so why not play into it? Find a top, dress or even pants that wrap around the waist, chest, arms, you name it. I.AM.GIA has iconic pants that wrap around your waist. P.S., yes, this means strappy heels wrapped around your ankles are back, too.

Skipping: Neutrals (yep, including browns)

Wearing: Bright colors and pastels

As mentioned with the previous trends, color is IN. I have literally never been a color gal unless it was a staple red, but my closet has been transformed into looking like a freshly bloomed garden. Add color to your wardrobe with shimmy shake button-up tops, a small heel, a fun mini bag, etc. Remember to only purchase a few “trendier” colored pieces that you are sure you’ll wear; otherwise you’ll regret it once the trend fades.

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Skipping: Short jean shorts

Wearing: Relaxed shorts

If you have TikTok you know boxer style shorts are taking over the summer. I'm here for it; comfort is key, right? Even if you can’t tell if the outfit is from rolling out of bed or carefully thought together, these relaxed shorts are a vibe. Pair these nylon or boxer-style shorts with a crop top and some cool sneakers. Prada released the cutest ones I’ve seen, but since most of us are college students, check out ASOS or Target for some cheaper options. ONE DNA, a small business on Instagram, also has a good option called "The Resort Short."


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