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I think I love you

Recently, I've been writing a lot. In my summer classes, in my journal, in my bible and in my notes app. I've been writing everywhere — and I think I love it?

It sounds so weird to say as a WRD major, but I don't think I realized how much I loved writing until I started doing it more for myself. I started craving the feeling of a pen in my hands, leaving no corner of my brain unturned. Every thought, now a word on a page, and a boost of happiness to my head. I thought I knew I loved writing. To be honest, that's why I chose WRD as my major. Because I've always loved writing and rhetoric. But maybe 3 weeks ago, I decided to add English as a major. I sat on my mom's floor, going through master's programs, and we realized that for me to excel despite my gender, age and color, I was going to need a little more than I had.

We read through all the different majors related to WRD, and planted ourselves in English. It’d teach me the origins of English and how to use it. It sounded like a whole lot of history and a very small amount of writing. But in my WRD classes, writing is ALL I DO. I don't get the chance to sit and admire anyone else's work unless it's peer reviews. I am reading rhetorical analyses and breakthroughs in all my classes. Don't get me wrong, I love rhetoric, I love the classes and I love my WRD major. I just needed more. Because for me writing is not just what I produce, it's falling in love with what has been produced. It's being inspired, enchanted and consumed by the very art that writing is.

So, I think I love you, writing. I love every word, every stanza, every headache, every aching wrist and every citation. I love you writing, and I am so excited to fall more madly in love with you as life goes on.

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