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Hunt A Killer: Mystery Box Review

As quarantine began in Ohio, my family and I searched for ways to spend time together while doing something we all enjoy.

My family and I are complete “crime junkies,” as one might say. My grandma watched Forensic Files with me growing up, my dad loves Criminal Minds, and my stepmom enjoys the First 48. I was practically bred to be interested in serial killers, missing person cases, and everything in between.

So when my dad discovered Hunt A Killer, I had a feeling it was going to be right up my alley.

Hunt A Killer is a subscription box service that offers you the ability to delve into a murder mystery and use clues to solve the case. The boxes feature 6-part episodic cases as well as one-offs.

Be prepared, because the first 6-episode set we tackled took us about 12 hours straight, lasting until 5 o’clock in the morning (so worth it, though). It's hard to stop and continue the game later because of the abundance of information, the tendency to forget key parts, and becoming confused. Even the one-off boxes can take up to four hours, especially if you are like my family and discuss all possible theories throughout.

The thing with the episodes is that each one gives you more clues and details on the murder. At the end of each episode, you often have to eliminate a suspect by emailing the “private investigator” or whoever “reached out to you” for help on the case.

Hunt A Killer has several storylines and themes that make it so fresh every time. We began with “Class of ‘98” which takes place in the present day and involved a murder after a class reunion.

Everything about the game is so realistic - they often give audio or video clues created by real people specifically for the game. Amongst the many pieces of evidence for “Class of ‘98” was an old yearbook, a map of the town, handwritten notes, as well as online files to access security camera footage.

Every piece of evidence matters, as we have come to find out after completing three sets of Hunt A Killer mysteries. You really have to pay attention to every detail, because it often comes back later. On top of that, there are often ciphers used in secret messages between suspects or the victim. While cracking the codes is a daunting task, it is vital to understand the suspects’ relationships, personalities, and antics.

Not only do you have physical evidence, but be prepared to have a computer close by because a lot of files are in the database for your investigation. Hints and reveals are given on the Hunt A Killer website related to your case, as well. If you’ve hit a brick wall, these definitely come in handy.

Hunt A Killer is the perfect game if you are looking for a realistic investigation of your own. The game feels incredibly real due to the intricacy of the evidence and storyline. Everything connects in the end.

Finding the killer isn’t easy because there are twists and turns all along the way. And remember, what is important is means, motive, and opportunity.

Good luck, Detectives!


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