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How to Prepare for Summer Classes.

We all know that summer is just around the corner which is the best time of the year especially if you’re a college student. Putting things to the side and taking a DEEP breath for once is needed. Hanging out with friends and creating everlasting memories before the school year starts back. Having a blast in the warm weather, catching a tan, and having those late nights - early mornings!

Sometimes students can’t put everything on the back burner because of a thing called college. Summer classes tend to be the thing that can get in the way of summer activities if you let it. So, here are a few tips to follow while preparing for summer classes.

1. Ask Fellow Students If They Have Taken The Class Before: This will help you know the work level in the classes you have chosen to take. If other students have said it’s difficult, moderate , or easy that will determine what you will be able to do during the summer. Knowing the workload ahead of time is essential.

2. Find Out If It's In Person or Online: This is key to knowing what you will be able to do this summer or not. If it's in person you may have limitations

3. Get Your Essentials Together: Have a planner! This is essential throughout your whole college experience. Figure out if a textbook is required. If needed, figure out when you should get it and most importantly how you will get it, because we all know textbooks are pricey. Having everything prepared will have you thanking yourself later, once the class starts.

4. A Schedule Is IMPORTANT: Plan everything out as much as possible. Having a schedule is so simple and will allow you to add or take out things throughout the day or week. If you plan to work during the summer while taking classes you should figure out how you will juggle everything and having a planner will of course help.

5. Set Goals For Yourself: Knowing what you want to take from these summer classes are important. Set a few goals for yourself when it comes to classes and your social life. Look back after the summer has ended and see what you have accomplished that makes everything worth it in the end.


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