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How to Overcome Zoom Fatigue

Whether you’re on campus or away from campus this semester, we all have at least a class online. I’ve noticed in recent weeks since school started that attending class is quite boring. There isn’t the opportunity to see friends or organically make new ones as we would if we were physically in class.

I think it is important to have locations you can manage school in, whether it be a window sill where you let the light shine in, a desk in your dorm room, or spot on the lawn or socially distanced park grass. Maintaining self-awareness of your emotional well-being is key in the age of COVID. Make sure you are always hydrated and properly protecting yourself from the elements if you are in a public area.

Learning what areas of your apartment, dorm, or house are fun will motivate you into getting on the 9 a.m. Zoom call. Maybe bring a cup of morning joe and some Pop-Tarts, or a homecooked breakfast to start the day off. There are plenty of things to try!

Getting dressed in an outfit that you would wear on more special occasions, just to add a little jazz to your mood, is another way to juice up Zoom university. Calling long-distance friends over Zoom is another way to add fun to the day or setting a virtual background to reminisce on spring break 2019 prior to Miss Rona.

Overall there are many fun things to try and add to the mundane routine of going to class online. Maybe draw with highlighters while taking notes or make a to-do list in between pauses in the class to help you get through the 50-minute blocks that seem like an eternity.

Most importantly watch out for yourself and others. Get up and enjoy the fresh air. After all, fall is in the air!!


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