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How To: Make a Vision Board

The idea of a vision board is to inspire and manifest; you are essentially displaying what you want, and in doing so you can take action in bringing that into your life. The idea of visualization is that it exercises your mind. So what should you include in your mood board? What should you make it on? Where should you put it? All of these are key details in making a vision board that will work the way they are intended too.


First, focus on what your goals are. This can be in your career/future, your relationships, health, school or little things in between. An important aspect to keep in mind is that you want to include things that give you a feeling. The feeling you get when you study and receive an A, the feeling you get when you look your best, etc. All of these aspects can be brought to life on your board through magazine clippings, handwritten quotes, things you have from traveling. My vision board is made up mainly of magazine ads but also has a map, a picture of my best friends, and a few other things. The magazine ads focus on high-end designers - this is rooted in my career goals. Next, pictures of my best friends- this gives me a sense of comfort. The way I am with my best friends is how I want to be in my relationships. Confident, comfortable, and goofy. I also have a map of Paris and two postcards I got from my study abroad experience. These also supply me feeling, mainly nostalgia, but that inspires me and honestly forces me to work hard. I want to travel, I want to live and work in these places so seeing them every day makes me want it even more. I have a couple of quotes on there that revolve around style and individuality that help me speak into existence what I want to grow into. Everything hanging on mine is intentional as it should be, this creates the inspiration aspect of it.


You can really make it on whatever you want- my “vision board” is actually my entire wall. I’ve also seen people make really cool ones by cutting out poster boards into shapes like lightning bolts and lips.


You want to showcase it somewhere that you’ll see it every day, may it be your office, bedroom, etc. Mine is right above where I do my makeup because I feel my best when I’m getting ready or doing self-care which always takes place at my desk. This way I’m in the right mindset when I’m looking at it. It is in my bedroom, so I see it pretty much all of the time. It’s also cool because all my friends can see it and comment on it.

Vision boards really aren’t too difficult to make and can help you mentally and visually put into existence. There aren’t any rules or specifics to it- it’s what you want and what inspires you.


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