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How to Get a Jumpstart on Your New Year

Updated: May 26, 2020

With 2020 coming quickly around the corner here are 20 tips on self-care for this new year!

1. drink LOTS of water

2. do a weekly face mask, my personal favorite is a natural Indian clay mask that I got for less than $10 at Walmart, it is a powder that you mix with water and it pulls impurities from your skin

3. reduce your intake of red/dark meat

4. go in for a physical and/or mental health check-up

5. try drinking more tea instead of coffee or soda

6. set mini-goals for yourself along the way

7. get a mani-pedi (yes boys, you can do this too)

8. spend time with your loved ones, this will boost your "happy brain chemicals"

9. cut fast food

10. try meal prepping

11. pick up a new hobby that brings you joy (even if you're not good at it)

12. get an essential oil diffuser and an oil set, this can really help you get in a good headspace

13. find a fun movement activity to do 1-4 times a week

14. volunteer, doing things for others is always a great way to boost yourself and others up

15. try Herbalife products for meal replacements and to be apart of a fit and accountable community of love, kindness, and positivity

16. try out some new looks with makeup, style, hair even scent (new year new you, right?)

17. (personal opinion) go get in a tanning bed or get a spray tan, this is very relaxing for me

18. get at least 8 hours of sleep as often as possible

19. try yoga

20. try going dairy-free (your skin will thank you)

I really hope these 20 tips inspire you to get ahead on your self-care resolutions this year!

Tag me on Instagram @anarose.hooper with whichever you try from the 2020 list.


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