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How I recreated Kendall and Kylie's MET Gala looks

Major First World problem, but not only has the pandemic derailed a lot of my life but the cancellation of the 2020 MET Gala has also left me scrambling for a Halloween costume idea.

Last year, my best friend, Grace, and I recreated Kendall and Kylie Jenner's 2019 MET Gala looks. Although there were orange feathers lurking around every single inch and crevice of our apartment for the rest of the year, it was definitely worth it.

Here's how I made these costumes (on a college budget and with absolutely no sewing skills).

I knew that Kendall's costume would require more work after it was bought, but I wasn't expecting the dress itself to be hard to find. Kylie's dress, however, had to have a certain texture/look to it in order to achieve the look I wanted. I got really lucky in finding both of these dresses at Forever 21 in one single trip (the orange was on the sales rack because it had a broken strap and the purple was found as a part of the year's holiday line). In total, both of the dresses only cost around $25. Neither dress is still in stock at Forever 21, but I scrounged the internet and found some low-cost dupes below.

Kendall's dress:

Kylie's dress:

After I got the dresses, it was time to get the supplies and get to work.

I got as many orange feathers and boas I could, and, because I still need to learn how to sew, I used safety pins to pin them on the straps, around the breast-line, at the train and on my shoes.

I thought about buying angel wings and spraypainting them orange, but the ones in store were too expensive and I didn't have time to order them from Amazon, so I settled with wrapping a feather boa around my shoulders instead.

For Kendall's jewelry, I put my fifth grade bracelet making skills into action and made my own necklace with some beads I got from the craft store. The dangly earrings were bought at the craft store as well, all for a total of under $10.

For Kylie's poofy arm sleeves, I found these purple leg warmers at a Halloween store for around $20. To complete the looks, we dyed Grace's hair with purple hair spray that you can find for around $5 at Target or any other costume store.

The final product:

I pulled these costumes together a little last minute, so there are some things I wish I would've added or changed if I had more time. Still, it was my favorite costume I've ever worn and they were real crowd favorites.

Grace and I will be waiting for our invitations to next year's MET Gala @Anna Wintour and @Vogue.

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Rana Alsoufi
Rana Alsoufi
Oct 12, 2020

omg this was so fun to read, you did such a great job hahaha

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