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Hobby Lobbies of the Heart

During the pandemic, many things have come and gone in the flash of an eye. Days have turned into weeks, blurring together all under the same sun. Some old habits have been dropped and new habits have been formed. From the art of watercolor to the gentleness found in gardening, these skills were added to my arsenal of habits to entertain myself.

1. Gardening

Realizing that nature has a Creator was something new for me over the course of the summer. All these flowers, from Foxglove, Hydrangeas to Crepe Myrtles, resemble the uniqueness found in a Higher Being. Who else can come up with the technicolor spectrum on which these plant florae fall? It gave me a better appreciation for nature realizing that humans were made to enjoy God’s creation. Playing in the dirt to figure out were to put these lovely plants was all the worthwhile.

2. Watercoloring

Using a paper canvas to express the feelings dripping from the heart is a unique experience. Many different forms of love and life can flow free. Twirling liquid paint on white stock paper allows for one to create the sunset or a tree in their foreground. From cityscapes to mountain landscapes there is always a plethora of environments to make your muse.

3. Photography

Behind a camera lens, there is an oasis to be encountered. From the mechanical parts and nobs twisting and clicking to the shifting of the lens capturing the moment in time, there is always something mesmerizing to be filtered through the glass opening of a digital camera. One subject or two, there is always joy found in the beauty of a person acting as the muse. The foreground can be anything from the beach to the red cedar forests in California. Use cameras when you want to feel something beautiful.

4. Poetry

Writing thoughts down on paper to best express the desires of the heart is always a therapeutic past time to embrace. From making up scenarios of walking in a forest or experiencing love for the first time, the letters on the blank page become a motion picture running through the slits of tree fibers woven together. Letting the ink sink in washing against the fine white grain allows for a surreal moment between the author and the idea they are trying to articulate.

There are many other forms of expression one can find. Allow the creativity to flow from your heart and maybe you just might find your life calling and feel enabled to help others in the community around you.


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