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Half in Half: My Favorites

Hello and welcome back!

As I'm gearing up for the half marathon, just a month and two days away, the mix of emotions is real! I'm proud of my progress, nervous for race day and absolutely hyped to conquer the distance I've been working hard to reach. Along the way, I've picked up some essentials I can't run without, and I'm thrilled to share my top five running favorites with you.

Let's dive in and enjoy!

Running Fav #1: Halara Leggings

These are the BEST running leggings I have ever owned. Seriously, these leggings are a game-changer! After three years of cross-country running and not being satisfied with the perfect pair of leggings, I've finally found my obsession. They come in various colors, stay put, wick away sweat, hit just above the ankle and offer the perfect compression without feeling too stiff. The SoCinched Leggings are my go-to and with an affordable price of $29.95, I've got five pairs in my rotation. Trust me, these are THE running leggings.

Running Fav #2: Hoka Gaviota 5

Giving a solid five-star rating to the Hoka Gaviota 5 – my top pick for running shoes. While everyone's feet are different, Hoka has consistently delivered quality, comfort and durability. Dealing with runner's knee and shin splints, these shoes have transformed my pain management game. Plus, the Airy Blue/ Sunlit Ocean color combo? It's my new favorite! If you try anything from this list, let it be a pair of running shoes from Hoka.

Running Fav #3: Post-Run Oats

Post-run recovery is key, and I swear by this quick and delicious oat recipe to refuel. Here's what you need:

Microwave the oats mixed with the water, mix in protein powder and top with the rest of the ingredients. It is delicious and satisfactory. Enjoy!

Running Fav #4: Strava

For easy tracking of runs, walks and workouts, Strava is my go-to app. It allows me to sync data from my AppleWatch for free and is a fun way to cheer on friends, share stats and stay motivated within the running community.

Running Fav #5: TikTok Running Community

A bit niche, but the TikTok running community is the best for motivation and finding other runners. It's been a great platform for keeping me excited, motivated and consistent. Watching fellow runners crush their goals is inspiring, and the supportive community is fantastic. I have picked up valuable tips and advice for running form, products to try and how to find a good mindset for running. It's worth checking out for that extra dose of running positivity!

Thanks for sticking with me through my top five running favorites! Stay tuned for future updates on more must-haves. Next week, I'll cover all things cross-training. Remember, your run is only as good as your mentality. Happy running! 🌟🏃‍♂️


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