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Go-To Summer Reading Lists

"Yeah, I'll add it to my summer reading list!"

This statement has been my go-to, but I always feel like I never actually get around to reading any of the books on my list, due to other summer commitments. Regardless of how much progress you make on your list, be kind to yourself and celebrate the big and small accomplishments!

Starting a summer reading list seems time-consuming, but I found a few lists from Goodreads that you can use for inspiration!

In order to amplify the voices of Black citizens, it's important to support Black authors. Through writing and other forms of art, Black authors are able to communicate their thoughts and experiences that will hopefully resonate with readers of all backgrounds. This list gathers notable books from Black writers that explore a wide range of topics and social issues.

For all you movie buffs out there, this list compiles books that were adapted into films. While looking through this list, there are films that I didn't know were based on books! I find it interesting to assess if a film accurately portrays a book or author's message. While reading a book, I ask myself: is there a chapter or part of the book that was left out for creative or

stylistic reasons? This is one of the many questions that you can ask yourself when you read a book and watch its film adaptation. Not only will this list build your reading list, but your Netflix or Hulu queue as well!

The summer is always a time to rejuvenate and learn about mindfulness and other ways to empower ourselves! What we learn from books can be used in other aspects of our daily lives to inspire others!

In a world that is quickly changing every second, science and technology is a field that is growing. However, it's a topic area that many readers may be unfamiliar with, so this list will satisfy your scientific curiosity! If you want to expand your perspective of the world around you, adding a science-related book to your list is a great start!

This list will allow you to become more acquainted with Kentucky writers! Reading and supporting the work of local writers will give you the opportunity to support creativity on the local level. Plus, you never know, you may see your neighbor's name on this list!

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