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Get outside and explore: Some of my new favorite hikes

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The fall colors are in full swing, and it’s getting a bit chilly. Now is the perfect time to get up into the mountains and see the beautiful fall colors of the leaves down below.

Right now, midterms are over, and finals will sadly be coming soon. It’s also starting to get colder in Lexington, and the leaves are constantly changing. That means it’s a great time to really clear your head, and get outside for a hike.

I’ve recently made a few day trips to hike, and I have loved every second of them. I’m here to share some of my favorite hikes and to say GET OUTSIDE AND EXPLORE.

1) Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve

This 2.3-mile hike brings you through a forest with an amazing view at the end despite the short distance you’re hiking. The drive is about 45 minutes from Lexington and makes a great day trip. I hiked this trail with my friend while it was raining, and we still had the best time! The top of this hike leads you to an amazing lookout that gives you a great place to just sit and take it all in for a bit!

2) Red River Gorge in the Daniel Boone National Forest

I recommend this hike to experienced hikers or those not afraid of a challenge. This hike is about an hour and 15 minutes from Lexington and is a great place to go for a day or even a weekend to camp out. This short 1.1-mile hike does have some difficult points of slick rocks as well as a rope to climb up to the top, but I promise you the view is worth it! I went with three of my friends on this hike and absolutely loved it. Overall, if you are a more experienced hiker or looking for a challenge, this trail is a must.

3) Red River Gorge again!

This is my favorite hike I’ve done in Kentucky so far! The 5.1-mile hike is a longer distance than my other recommendations, and it completely took my breath away! It is also about an hour and 15 minutes away from Lexington, and seeing the beautiful fall colors coming together at this 360 view lookout was such an incredible experience. This hike starts in the forest and passes many little campsites that would be perfect if you are planning to camp out for the weekend. One of my favorite parts of this hike was near the top when the trail weaves through pine trees and almost feels like a maze. My friend and I sat at the top of this hike at the lookout for over an hour just taking it all in, and we got the chance to see a couple get engaged at the top! Overall, this hike has been my favorite hike because of the lookout, but also because of the variety of scenery along the way.

Overall, get outside. Keep exploring and see where it takes you!


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