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Fun and Fresh Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated: May 26, 2020

Spooky season is finally here, and with that comes the last-minute Halloween costumes we have to throw together. I struggle every year with what I want to be, but at this point, I just want something that isn’t cat ears and a black dress (I stan the classic though, ladies). Is it just me or does Halloween last a week on college campuses? With that being said, here are some ~cheaper~ costumes that are easy, yet fun and fresh.


I’m talking wild, wild west, but make it trendy. I did this as my big little theme and not only was it super affordable but so simple. Think cow print, white denim, and a colored cowboy hat and you're on your way. I painted cow print onto a white tube top, bought a red hat from Party City, and paired it with white jeans and white boots. I’d love to see this done with pink instead of red!

EARLY 2000’s

My sorority did this as a date party theme, and when I tell you I’ve never had more fun with a group of outfits - I mean it. This could be such a fun costume idea for your group of friends. Search no further than Indy Blue’s iconic 2000’s party showcased on her Instagram. Think Paris Hilton (the Simple Life) and Mean Girls. This theme is so easy to shop for right now, especially because 2000s trends are all the rage.


People tend to dress like things that were popular in the past year. The tv show Euphoria, starring Zendaya, blew up this past summer. (I highly recommend watching this if you haven’t, it’s very raw but everything about the show highlights things that mass media is afraid to project.) Top characters in the show Rue, Jules, and Maddy would be so fun to copy, mainly because of the makeup they do in this show. Jules would be the easiest to portray in my opinion, but these makeup looks are fire, and you all need to look them up. Check out Breck's tutorial for some inspo.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a Donna & The Dynamos feature. The iconic movie, Mamma Mia 2, dropped last summer and this group costume would be so fun. You could also just dress as Donna if you want it to be a solo debut. Flare jeans, glitter, funky gogo boots, and a microphone would throw this outfit together.


Channeling your inner James Charles, this can be such an easy solution to a cheap Halloween costume and can look really dope. I did this last year with James’ tutorial featuring Kylie Jenner and it honestly turned out well. I did the skeleton makeup and wore it with a black dress, fishnets, and black docs. There are so many tutorials out there now for makeup looks like this or for literally any costume.


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