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From LA, with love

I sit in the LAX airport waiting for my ride to pick me up. The hustle of thousands of people to cars filled with family, friends, coworkers and rideshare drivers surround me. Each has a destination to reach within the city, goals and dreams in the back of their heads. Watching them shows the real side of LA, one that many may overlook when California comes to mind.

Los Angeles. The City of Angels. A place where individuals of all backgrounds come to find their true selves. The city revolves around the talents of the people who occupy it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, dreams are accomplished, memories are made and lives are changed at the drop of a hat. Visiting the city brings a new sense of purpose to my mind. It is almost as if the air of LA is full of ideas, motivations and confidence. Ever since I visited for the first time, I pictured myself living there one day. I don’t know what exactly made it feel like home, but the coastline views, delicious foods and work hard, play hard culture made it easy to romanticize.

Many people think of LA as a place full of rich, fake, dull individuals who only care about what they look like. And while it would be easy to think that because of how social media depicts this culture, there is a whole other side to the city. Millions of people start from nothing and grow into something because the environment is so open to new ideas. Small businesses grow into chains, young talent takes to the front covers and billboards, and new technology arises each day. Los Angeles is the place to watch the future grow.

I think it is safe to say that amongst the millions of individuals within Los Angeles are millions more who dream of a life there. We sit on the plane ride departing from LAX and wish the city was our home. Pinterest boards become visions of the life we dream to have, whether it be in a downtown skyscraper or a beachside dwelling. But what I think is important to remember is that at the end of the day, the individuals whom I had seen in the airport also had the same dream as me. They applied for hundreds of jobs before one stuck, auditioned for countless castings until they received a role and pitched their ideas until one person finally believed in them. And we can do the same. Los Angeles welcomes with open arms.

From LA, with love.


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