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Five Trader Joe's must-haves for vegans

Trader Joe’s, “your neighborhood grocery store,” is a fan-favorite for many reasons. Beyond the low pricing, the variety of products and trendiness of the environment keep individuals of all ages walking through their doors. In particular, individuals who are vegetarian and/or vegan are highly satisfied by the pricing and variation of items. Whether you identify as vegan or vegetarian or are just looking for some unique and cheap meals, here are five Trader Joe’s must-haves for vegans:

1. Thai Vegetable Gyoza

Before I went vegetarian, I was a fanatic for Asian food. A personal favorite of mine had always been dumplings, but pork, chicken and beef filled many of those found in the freezer aisle. However, Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Gyoza is perfect for those looking for a meatless pan-fried dumpling. Filled with various vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, radish and onions, you wouldn't even notice that these are vegan. Trader Joe’s recognized the popularity of gyozas among their customers and made a complementing sauce that can also be found on the shelves. For $3.99, the Thai Vegetable Gyoza makes the perfect entrée for dinner.

2. Vegetable Fried Rice

Wondering what would compliment the gyoza previously mentioned? No worries, Trader Joe’s has you covered with their Vegetable Fried Rice. This side item is packed with veggies, including peas, carrots, onions, peppers, edamame and corn. This medley is perfect on its own but tastes amazing paired with soy sauce. And, if you are a vegetarian, adding an egg is a delicious addition. For $2.49, this is the ultimate side dish.

3. Vegan Tzatziki Dip

Dairy-free dips have always been a struggle with me. I have always been a ranch lover, but have never found a vegan alternative I have truly enjoyed. My new favorite dip for carrots, broccoli and celery is most certainly Trader Joe’s Vegan Tzatziki Dip. Made with a base of non-dairy cream cheese, the consistency of this dip aligns with the creaminess of dairy tzatziki. Cucumber, lemon and dill make up the taste of this condiment that pairs perfectly with your favorite dippable snacks for only $3.99.

4. Shredded Hash Browns

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with bacon, sausage and cheese off of the table, finding something tasty and affordable can be challenging. However, Trader Joe’s Shredded Hash Browns are a favorite of mine. These come unseasoned, but personally, I find this better. Topped with Trader Joe’s Meatless Breakfast Patties, dairy-free cheese, onions, peppers and your go-to seasonings, these can be made into a delicious vegan hash brown scramble for $1.79.

5. Cold Brew Coffee and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Dessert

I couldn’t have written a must-have list without a delicious dessert. The availability of lactose-free treats at Trader Joe’s is plentiful, but as a coffee and boba lover, this one is certainly my favorite. With a creamy coconut milk base, this dessert has the consistency of any other ice cream. Cold brew and tapioca pearls are packed into the pint and provide the most unexpected, yet delicious pairing. This $4.29 sweet belongs in your freezer.

As college students, finding cheap, vegan meals is extremely difficult. However, Trader Joe’s most certainly has you covered. Whether you are cooking on the stove, in the air fryer, or on the go with a microwave, you need these products in your fridge or freezer.


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