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Fitz and the Tantrums drop "All the Feels." Thoughts?

Even though it’s been three years since their last album, we can’t seem to get the tune of “HandClap” and ”Out of My League” out of our heads. Why? It’s probably because Fitz and The Tantrums write songs that are electric, vibey, and upbeat, making it hard not to dance and sing along.

Their new album, All the Feels, was released on September 20th and has 17 songs. Some of the songs, like “123456” and “I Just Wanna Shine" were dropped early, giving the world a taste of the anticipated full-album release. With each song lasting less than 4 minutes--some even less than 3--you can listen to the album in 52 minutes. Here are some of the songs from All the Feels, the 4th album from Fitz and The Tantrums:


Fast-paced, but that’s what keeps the spirits high! I can imagine putting this song on when my friends and I want to dance around. Rapid beats, catchy chants, and counting, what else is there to love?“I've been hoping that my dreams come true / And I'm hoping that I'll make it with you.”

"I Need Help!"

Even when the lyrics seem to be more attuned to struggles (like needing help), the melody keeps the mood uplifted with bursts of the chorus at the moment you need it the most. “Sometimes, I just need a little help / Why do I try to take the world on by myself?”


I would want to put these two on when I’m riding down the road with my windows down. I think they are good songs to cruise around with. They are two softer songs on the album.“Wanna get away from all the conversation / Just think about nothin', Get a little faded / You can hear the TV, You know my location / If you wanna meet me, I'll be in the basement.”

"Dark Days"

“I'ma keep dreaming in these dark days / 'Cause you never know, you never know / Oh, all that pain that I picked up on the way / I just let it go.”

"Livin’ for the Weekend"

I can relate to this song, considering the stress of classes weighing on me during the week. I feel motivated to push through the funk of the week and get my work done so I can be free come Saturday. It’s a real anthem.“I get down when the goin’ gets tough / I’m rising up from the deep end / Livin’ for the weekend.

Continuing the high energy from previous albums into the fourth, Fitz and The Tantrums could be recognized as a band in the indie-pop genre. Each track is heavily instrumental with stark beats and sharp vocals, making this album a great album to play at your next party or during a workout.

For dates of their current tour, lasting now until March, click here.


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