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Finding the "You" Time

Updated: May 26, 2020

Within the past few weeks, the lifestyles we had so comfortably been brought up in, were thrown in a 180. We are social animals that are now being told to remain within the walls of our homes, to shield our faces from tiny monsters lurking in the air, and forbidden to embrace the loved ones that once surrounded us.

A challenge has been placed before us that I never would have fathomed. A challenge that we were never taught to handle. We are now all confined to our separate corners of the world, being forced to readjust our entire lives, to redesign the way we think, the way we interact, the way we find the happiness and joy that once surrounded our everyday lives.

Currently living in Chicago, I can see the direct impact of the shelter-in-place orders. At first, it wasn't too bad, I had school to keep me occupied. But now, with no assignments or tests to study for, I am forced to find new things to do to keep me sane. Living in such a highly-populated area with all places still closed, there are limited activities I can do outside my home that are considered "safe." Reliving what feels like the same day over and over, I began to feel an unexplained anxiousness and stress that I believe many people are currently experiencing.

This is when I finally found the one thing that was truly satisfying and stress relieving. The simplicity of going for a drive.

Something about being alone and not having to speak, feeling the pulse of the wheels pushing against the road below you is freeing. You feel as though you are driving away from all the uncertainty of the world and you can finally take a breath. You can breathe in the air as it glides so effortlessly past the car.

I have never been someone who has ever really needed space from others, but this quarantine is a time of new things and this acceptance of alone time is something I have learned to love.

Finding the right music and allowing the words to paint effortless images in your head is beautiful and relaxing and relieving. Everyone needs just a breath in these crazy times. We all are learning and growing in new ways and will figure out the madness surrounding us. In the meantime, hop in the car, throw on the tunes that brighten your soul and take a breath. We are all in this together and we will get through it together.

Stay healthy, stay safe.


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