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Favorite streaming platform and why

I'll confess right here and right now, I have multiple subscriptions to multiple different streaming services. Why you may ask yourself? Or maybe you’re the same as me because it’s too darn hard to pick one streaming service. I'm not going to lie, at times it can be confusing not only for my bank account but for myself to actually know which one I actually like the most. For example, as of September 2020, I’m currently subscribed to HBO Max, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix. That’s five, and I’m going to rank each subscription service from my most liked to my least liked or even used and explain why.

First up on my list is my first love and first-ever subscription service I begged my mother to buy for me, Netflix! The love I have for Netflix can be high and low at times, but in the end, the service doesn’t let me down. Netflix offers shows that people of all ages can enjoy and watch. However, my personal favorite series created by Netflix are "Stranger Things," the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," "Big Mouth" and "On my Block." In addition, Netflix also offers other television series and movies from different networks across the spectrum, such as FOX, The CW, a couple of Showtime, and other networks!

However, the downfall of Netflix could be that TV shows get taken on and off the platform thanks to their contracts with certain television networks. Furthermore, Netflix as a streaming service takes a long time to update or add new episodes or movies to their platform compared to others. Moreover, the standard Netflix pricing is $8.99, but the majority of people I talk to pay $12.99 for Netflix due to their family size.

Second up is Netflix's best competitor, in my opinion, Hulu. The main difference I feel between the two is that Hulu offers a subscription service within a subscription service while Netflix just offers one subscription service. This means you can subscribe to Hulu but also have a Starz subscription within Hulu or even Showtime and HBO, in return offering you more content on the streaming service. Plus, it offers all the basic cable channels' television series.

Now, I have a Hulu subscription but I also added on the Starz subscription, which gives me more access to movie releases. Currently, I'm paying close to $13.99 per month! Circling back to Hulu, the main difference between this and Netflix is that Hulu has next day add-on for TV shows that are premiering and airing within that week! For example, while in quarantine in March and April, I would always miss Grey’s Anatomy which comes on Thursday nights. But with Hulu, I could watch it on Friday morning because they have next-day add ons! However, some may not like the ads that Hulu requires you to watch in order to watch the full episode.

Third up is Amazon Prime Videos! Now, my relationship with Amazon Prime Videos is kind of rocky. I only use it for watching their television series called "The Boys" or if I want to watch MTV series that no other streaming service offers! However, I have to say that Amazon Prime Videos does offer a lot of movies and TV series regardless of the network. The tricky part is to make sure you watch it within Amazon Prime, if not then you have to pay a rental fee or purchase the actual movie.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime is $8.99 if you have an actual Amazon Prime account and is $12.99 if you do not. But, if you're a student then you get a discount off of Amazon Prime Videos which is nice, and honestly the only reason why have a subscription to this service. Though it’s my least used, I do enjoy having Amazon Prime if I want to watch a movie or television series that no other streaming service has.

Fourth up is Disney+! This is another streaming service that I always forget! Luckily, it’s a family plan so everyone in my family uses it and it’s not just up to me! Disney+ is sadly my least used streaming service. I just don't get on there as much as I thought I would when it first came out. However, if you are a Disney fan fanatic then this is going to be the best streaming service for you. You don’t even have to like Disney, you can like the properties that Disney owns for this streaming service to be for you. For example, Disney+ has National Geographic‘s and Marvel's property movies and more!

My final and fifth service subscription is HBO Max! Out of every subscription service I have talked about in this blog post, this is the most expensive coming in at $14.99, but when you sign up for the first time within the first year it’s only $11.99. Lately, I have been using HBO Max over the other streaming services just because I’m getting into the television series "Game of Thrones"! However, I have noticed that HBO Max does offer DC universe movies, TV shows, their own HBO documentaries and television shows, and recently released blockbusters, such as "Invisible Man"!

As for my ranking for each movie subscription service, fifth place would go to Disney+ due to the simple fact it’s my least used. Fourth place would go to Amazon Prime. I love the layout and I love the endless variety of movies and television series, but if I did not have Amazon Prime as a student I would not have even bothered to have the subscription. My third place goes to Netflix. I love the original series and the TV shows and movies they have to offer, but I get tired of the switching out of movies and TV series. My second place has to go to HBO Max, as these past couple of weeks I’ve been using it religiously and not only watching "Game of Thrones" but other television shows that they offer. Plus, "Pretty Little Liars" is on there and I love that TV show and will definitely be watching it pretty soon! The first place winner is Hulu! Though Hulu may have ads, it’s the next day add-on that makes me love the subscription service!

Let me know, do you disagree or agree with my list? Comment down below and let me know what you consider to be the most used subscription service that you are subscribed to!


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