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Fashion spotlight: Jude Louis

Photo provided.

Jude Louis is a fashion designer of Haitian descent. He grew up watching his mother do stitching, shirt creation and painting. When he was living in Lexington, he was a professional-level soccer player, but his true passion was fashion.

“I always wanted to design clothes. I didn’t want to get bullied for being a creative person," Louis said.

Louis would continue his career in soccer.

“I was always soccer first. I went to college to play soccer. After two years, I was blessed enough to get an agent and ended up going pro," Louis said.

Jude talked about making the career change to fashion after COVID-19 hit.

“After COVID, I made a change. I knew I wasn’t going to go super far in soccer. I threw all my cards on the table, made my first line and said let’s go from there," he said.

Louis referenced his connection with local Lexington rapper, Mikey Trillfiger, saying

“I used to create for people to wear, even for free. Just so I can get my stuff out there."

“I met Mikey in Lexington. We were both throwing parties at the time. I said to myself that I needed to meet them," Louis said. "We ended up meeting and deciding to collab to bring each other up. I styled Mikey for his shows, [helping] him create his looks for his concerts.”

Louis is also inspired by other designers.

“I was inspired by Alexander McQueen. That guy was artistically beautiful. He was a rebel," he said. "I like to do things different and shake things up, and he went against every traditional look in fashion.”

Louis moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University and pursue his craft even further.

L'Avenir de Louis, Jude Louis' line. Photo provided.

“I wanted to learn more to improve my designs and I wanted formal training. So that’s why I made the move to San Francisco," he said. Commenting on the area, Louis said "the fashion scene here is also weak. It’s silicon valley. So, if people even go to the office, they are usually in sweatpants.”

Louis has a vision of where he wants to be five years down the line.

“I want to grow my influence and get more people involved in fashion. I want to be involved in New York Fashion Week," he said. "I have a vision of opening my own fashion house in San Francisco. I enjoy talking to people about fashion. I want to have a bigger voice and I want to help other people in the scene be heard.”

Jude Louis participated in San Francisco fashion week. His upcoming collection for L’Avenir de Louis, The Migration, will be announced officially soon.

Readers can see Louis' designs and ready-to-wear clothing here.


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