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FASHION: Resort to Color

Story by Abbey Templeman | Photos by Isaac Janssen and Amber Ritschel

70s Floral Button Down from The Domestic

Resort wear can be too loud for some people’s tastes. However, spring’s tropical trends are coming in with full force this year.

We wanted to shine a light on those bold prints, bright colors, and vintage pieces that best showcase those tropical trends that are hitting the streets of your favorite vacation spots. The styling team created ensembles using pieces from Pop’s Resale, Plato’s Closet, Wearhouse KY, and The Domestic.

“Pattern mixing is just so fun… vintage pieces make it easy to accomplish considering bold patterns were all the rage in the '60s, '70s, and '80s,” said Candace Reichbach, a manager of The Domestic. “Mixing patterns and decades can lead to really great shapes and textures.”

Tropical trends are bold for more than just their prints. Their styles push the limits and can be considered more daring.

Our stylists chose interesting pieces that mixed and matched so perfectly. Whether you want to wear a bandeau with a blazer or a bodysuit with just a denim jacket, resort wear has got you covered.

“Resort wear is a combination of pieces that are bold, not only in color or appearance but also by the entire vibe it exudes,” said Shanda Snyder, a manager or Wearhouse KY. “At Wearhouse, we like to push people outside of their comfort zone— to try unfamiliar looks that become their most memorable. Resort wear is trying new things to gain a fresh perspective on fashion and self.”

Resort wear should be fun! You can make it original to your style and still reach the tropical vibe that you want to achieve. Those bold prints and colors are meant to be mixed.

Step outside of your comfort zone this spring with these tropical trends.


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