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Fashion or Function? Small handbags for Fall

Updated: May 26, 2020

Do people dress more for fashion or more for functionality? Do you choose to dress towards the trends or for comfort in your day to day life? Most of us carry a purse or backpack day to day, maybe a tote or a briefcase, a suitcase even. We all need something to carry around our necessities, our day to day belongings. But what happens when fashion says the new “it” bag is the same size as Barbie’s?

No iPhone 11 is going to fit in the newest mini purse from Louis Vuitton. The average-sized wallet, pencil pouch, or cosmetics bag is two to three times the size of these little bags. It all started with the launch of the famous Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag in 2018. These bags were not designed for the practicality of the everyday man or woman. They were designed for the fiercest of fashionistas. The one who wants to make a statement. The person who wants an Instagram picture-perfect bag.

Initially launched for SS18, the mini bag is still gaining traction for this fall. Everyone has jumped on the trend, designing their own versions and styles of a mini handbag. From ASOS to Dolls Kill, Zara, Reformation, or Free People, every brand wants you to carry the tiniest of handbags. If you want to be on-trend for fall, you need a mini purse on your arm. Try it in a neutral shade or fall hue at first and watch your tiny collection grow! A purse small enough to carry a single Tic Tac ... say no more.


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