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Fall Fashion Trends for 2020

Just recently, I asked my roommate, Maya, "Do you think that there has been an increase of fall content?" To which we both agreed that there certainly has been an increase of the fall aesthetic! What do I mean by this you may ask yourself. Well, I personally feel as though retailers, influencers, friends and family, and even the pop culture world, have been throwing the need for everything pumpkin related, sweater related and boot related my way on social media!

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe fall celebration starts in October. It is literally the perfect weather and month! Plus, for me, September is still summer thanks to how unbelievably hot it gets here in Lexington and Louisville. Some people might disagree with me, though, and are totally ready to call it quits with summer and say hello to fall! Well, if you’re that person you’re just in luck because in today’s blog I’m going over some fall trends on the rise this season.

First on my list is leather! It doesn’t matter if faux or real, leather, in general, is making a come back in the fashion world it seems. Especially leather jackets. I’m seeing them a lot on Instagram and it’s inspiring me to go thrifting and find a black or brown leather jacket to pair with my fall outfits. The biggest inspiration behind this trend is most definitely Bella Hadid when she wore that all brown leather outfit! *chefs kiss*

Second on the list is going to be knee-high boots! I know what you’re thinking, "Amber, knee-high boots have always been in style!" To which I say that knee-high boots are coming in HOT and are more present this fall season. And honestly, it’s thanks to those Nordstrom sale beige boots that every influencer has on Instagram at the moment. But at the same time, thigh-high or knee-high boots are going beyond the simple beige and solid colors! This includes snakeskin print, which I’m dying to get a pair of but at a cheaper price!

Third on the list is going to have to be muted pastels or pastels in general! In previous articles, especially in the summer, I've talked about how pastels are a huge thing for the spring, but they made their way into the summer and seem to be sticking around for fall, which I don’t hate because I love pastels! A big thing to note when looking at retailers and influencers on Instagram is that they’re having fun with pastels and styling them with neutrals, jeans, and browns for the fall season.

Fourth on this list is anything animal print or a fun print! This was evident and present last year and this past summer! The thing with animal prints or fun prints is that you can take your outfit in any direction! You can make it girly, you can make it edgy, you can dress it up, or you can dress it down! I just really think that these prints are going to move to the fall because it’s a fun way to express yourself!

Fifth on this list is puffer sleeve blouses or balloon sleeve blouses! I personally love this trend even though I have not bought my balloon sleeve or puffer sleeve blouse yet! I am in the process of looking for one! This look gives me such Blair Waldorf vibes with a preppy and proper style that is chic, which I love! Plus, you can dress these with jeans or skirts, and they even come in dresses now. It’s super cute and it definitely goes with the fall aesthetic!

The sixth and final trend I’m going to talk about is padded headbands and headbands in general! I personally saw an increase in padded headbands as an accessory during the winter of 2019, going into 2020! I think this is such a cute accessory and you can always accessorize your outfit if you just want to add a little something. In addition to that, the styles are endless when it comes to headbands so this is the most fun and safest way to dress up or dress down an outfit!

Thank you so much for reading what I think are going to be the fall trends of 2020! Please let me know if you disagree or agree in the comment section below. What do you guys think all of the trends this year are going to be?


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