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Face Mask Fashion: A Whole New World

2020 has been a year of many changes for all of us; we have experienced one unknown after the other, specifically in regards to the spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus.

The Center for Disease Control recommends that to slow the spread of the illness, people in public places, where social distancing is difficult, should wear face coverings as an additional safety precaution.

Considering a mask’s purpose within health and safety, it may seem strange that many people and companies are using them to both stay safe and boost their style - at the same time. But, considering that we may be wearing masks in public for a while due to these unprecedented times, it would make sense that many consumers are looking for face coverings that don’t damage their daily look’s aesthetics.

When picking a face mask, it is important to buy simple cloth types so as to leave the surgical quality ones to the brave health care professionals fighting the disease on the frontlines.

Below is a list of recommended places to find aesthetically pleasing and stylish face coverings, because even in the midst of a pandemic, self-expression through fashion is extremely powerful.


Amazon is an all-around good place to find face coverings, due to their large selection. Specifically, this is the best place to get very simple, solid-colored masks.

Old Navy

Old Navy has a wide selection of affordable, aesthetically pleasing face coverings available to order for any style.


Anthropologie is usually a go-to for finding bohemian-inspired clothing, and the masks are no exception. Anthropologie has a wide variety of stylish and statement face coverings available for purchase.


The yoga-athleisure brand is using scrap fabric to create face coverings to sell, with proceeds helping to support healthcare workers in America. The masks have on-trend prints and breathable fabric.


LoveShackFancy has a variety of chic, vintage-esque, bright floral prints within face coverings for purchase.


Madewell has 6 different black and white patterned face masks for sale which can aid any outfit in style points due to their neutral color scheme.


Etsy is like a gold mine for cute and functional face masks. You can find them in almost any style and design on this website by simply searching “face mask.”


Revolve also has a wide variety of face coverings available, all in trendy and fashionable prints.

Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand has two types of masks in different designs, both of which are simple yet chic. Not to mention, for every 5 pack of masks bought, Lucky donates 5 masks to those in need.


Shopbop has a ton of masks from many different brands in attractive styles and designs.


ASOS has a lot of simple masks, along with statement ones in on-trend designs that would look good with any outfit.

And for the last recommendation...


There are now tons of tutorials on YouTube and other websites that help teach how to make face coverings in many different ways - with or without sewing. This gives you the ability to design the exact face mask you want, save some money, get crafty, and help to slow the spread of Coronavirus.


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