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End of the month reflection

It's almost the end of the month, which means it's time for a monthly reflection.

A monthly reflection is just a time to evaluate and reflect on your successes from the previous month, as well as your objectives and where you are in relation to them. This is the period when you may press the stop button on life for a bit and consider how you want to go.

You can evaluate your own growth and development on a smaller scale and change it to meet your lifestyle as you progress throughout the year by performing a monthly reflection each month.

Many people set goals or make New Year's resolutions in January, however by February, they've lost inspiration or forgotten what their original goal was. You make time to examine those objectives and find out what your next actions are by performing these monthly reflections.

Questions/topics to help guide your reflection

- What was your favorite memory of this month?

- What was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

- 3 things you can do to practice self-love

- One thing you learned this month

- What was your most reoccurring feeling this month?

- What did you do this month that you need to stop doing?

- Affirmations for the next month

My personal experience

I have truly felt like I have my life together since I started doing my monthly reflections over a year ago. I am someone who is all for staying on track and having a routine and I will say doing this has helped me accomplish my goals and stay on the right path.


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