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Emma Chamberlain: Style Icon

Over the past two years, Emma Chamberlain has risen in fame to become one of the most recognizable and influential Youtubers on the scene. Her channel, which she started in June 2017, currently has nearly nine million subscribers.

Her videos are mostly vlogs of her day-to-day activities, and her popularity can truly be attributed to her relatability to our generation. Almost everyone knows Emma, what she looks like, and generally, what her videos consist of.

But, what isn’t as openly realized about Emma is the amount of influence she holds over the fashion trends for people our age - she’s one of the biggest style icons on social media and her audience follows her fashionable looks almost religiously.

From the beginning of her time in the spotlight, she was described as the “Original VSCO girl,” sporting a style flush with scrunchies, jean shorts, and simple crop tops. She created many of the trends we all know of, such as teddy jackets & shoelace belts.

But, as Emma’s career has grown and expanded, so has her range in style. Emma’s looks are successful because they are multi-dimensional, interesting and aesthetically pleasing, and span a wide range of styles.

Here’s a list of some of the styles she’s mastered that you can steal for your own future looks:

Mixed Seasonal Pieces

Think of wearing jean shorts with a thick sweater, warm corduroy pants with a tank top, or a beanie with a summer-centered outfit. This style tip adds an interesting flair to any look.

Combined Masculine & Feminine Silhouettes

A lot of Emma’s looks explore combinations with both traditionally masculine and feminine pieces. For example, wearing more feminine pieces like tie crop tops, tight skirts, and floral prints paired with masculine pieces such as blazers, trousers, and sweater vests creates a compelling (and trendy) balance to an outfit.

Colored Glasses Coordinating to Color Block

Pair clear colored glasses with an outfit of the same majority color to create an aesthetically pleasing color-blocking effect - this can bring a whole look together.

Sporty Pieces to Make a Statement

Incorporating sporty pieces (in particular: shoes such as Air Jordans or Air Force 1s) into outfits explores and transforms the look into following a whole new vibe.

Combat Boots to Add an Edge

One of Emma’s most signature parts of many of her outfits is her platform Doc Marten’s, which can add an instant edge to any ensemble.

Layering Tops

Layering different kinds of tops, such as wearing a t-shirt or tank top over a turtleneck, creates an interesting, multi-dimensional, and texture-rich look.

Versatility Through Plaid

Plaid is timeless and can be styled in many different ways. A true staple pattern in any wardrobe.

Lengthen By Using Platforms

My personal favorite style Emma often uses is platform shoes (sneakers, boots, sandals, etc). These lengthen the shape of the look they are paired with, accentuate height and legs, and are super trendy.


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