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Cup of KRNL: A Tour of Lexington's Coffee Scene

The orange blossom mocha awaits a consumer at the counter of Manchester Coffee, Co. in Lexington, Ky. on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022. Photo by Carter Skaggs.

Coffee shops give people a place to assemble, exist, connect, talk, learn, relax, refuel and so much more. At a coffee shop, customers can grab a drink to kickstart their day, reconnect with old friends, spend a few hours cramming for an exam, or even unwind and lose their heads in a book for a while. KRNL knows the influence coffee shops have on the Lexington community. There are plenty of cozy spots around town that have paired with KRNL to create a special "KRNL Drink." Stop by any of these shops and taste what they have created!

Chocolate Holler

Chocolate Holler is a specialty chocolate shop with a full coffee bar menu. The shop opened in 2017 and has been a strong addition to the Lexington coffee scene.

According to their website, Chocolate Holler's mission encompasses three key ideas: embrace community, serve others and create culture. The shop itself has a homey environment with plenty of seats to accommodate customers and is located on Vine Street in downtown Lexington.

Head over to test out their KRNL White Chocolate Cold Brew Shaker—a drink with Magic Beans Cold Brew, milk of choice, and white chocolate sauce, all shaken in a cocktail mixer.

Lolo Peak Coffee Co.

Lolo Peak is a coffee trailer that opened in September of this year. After moving to Lexington from Montana, the owners said they noticed a want for local coffee business. From there, Lolo Peak was born.

Their motto is "Big Sky Flavors in the Bluegrass." They do their part for the community, using locally roasted beans and locally purchased milk. The truck serves quality coffee and handmade whipped cream daily. You can find their current location on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

Find the truck and try the KRNL drink—a s'mores-style coffee served iced or hot, with toasted marshmallows, milk chocolate, hazelnut and a hint of white chocolate. It is topped with graham cracker crumbles on homemade whipped cream.

Manchester Coffee Co. (Third Street Location Only)

Manchester Coffee Co. is a shop located on the East End. They roast their own coffee right here in Lexington, never adding artificial flavors. According to one of their managers, all of the coffee they purchase is "green coffee" and comes directly from farms and very small trade companies.

Beyond the physical shop, they offer an online selection of merchandise, coffee and other accessories featuring their logo in various designs. The website even includes blog posts with tips on the best coffee practices. The interior has a minimalistic design, a space that allows for focus and trying out new drinks.

Check out their KRNL drink—an Orange Blossom Mocha, a latte made with chocolate, a house-made orange blossom syrup and a dehydrated orange wheel.

A Cup of Common Wealth (Cornerstone Exchange Building Only)

A Cup of Common Wealth is another neat Lexington coffee spot. According to their website, they encourage sustainability by offering coffee from earth-conscious farms as well as providing a discount for those who bring in cups from home. The menu offers an array of foods and pastries along with coffee and other drinks.

A Cup of Common Wealth is located on campus in the Cornerstone Exchange Building. The shop offers plenty of seating so students can grab a drink and get some work done in between classes.

Stop by for their KRNL Lavender Vanilla Latte—a drink with Magic Beans Espresso, milk of choice, house-made vanilla syrup and house-made lavender syrup.

Brevede Coffee Co.

Brevede is a shop in Lexington's Distillery District. They opened in September 2020. According to their website, the name "Brevede" comes from the word brevity. They know how quickly time passes and wanted to create a space where people could spend their small amounts of time doing things they enjoy. The interior is rustic and comfortable.

In addition to their selection of quality coffee and baked goods, they offer space rental, catering and design services to help plan events. Consultations can be scheduled on their website.

Try their KRNL Latte with peach thyme and pink lady syrup.

The orange blossom mocha, created by manager Emily Tanous, sits at one of the tables in Manchester Coffee, Co. in Lexington, Ky. on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022. Photo by Carter Skaggs.

Note: The businesses featured in this story may discontinue the sale of their drinks created in collaboration with KRNL Lifestyle + Fashion at any time, but customers can continue to order them using their respective recipes.


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