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Cottagecore Influencers and Style

Do you know of the beautiful meadow that Bella Swan and Edward Cullen laid in in "Twilight"? If so, I’m going to need you to keep picturing that scene without them and instead with you. Then start to imagine a small beautiful house with a perfect garden, the birds chirping in the distance, the smell of sweet, fresh flowers and cut grass. Now, add a picnic basket and blanket with a sweet dress with puff sleeves. Welcome! You’re officially in the imaginative world of cottagecore.

You may be asking yourself what a cottagecore is. Well according to Wikipedia, “Cottagecore is an Internet aesthetic which celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts such as foraging, baking and pottery, and is related to similar nostalgic aesthetic movements such as grandmacore, farmcore, goblincore and faeriecore.”

In addition, this trend of dressing is a more romantic and fairytale farm style but is not new to the fashion world. However, in the summer and spring of 2020, it began to have more attraction and gain thanks to social media influencers and the trends of 2020. I definitely have to say that there has been more use of pastels colors, puff sleeves, and mini dresses along with the more classical and romantic ways of dressing for women.

“Remember when cottage chic stuff wasn’t a trend & I was dressing like an ‘old lady’ since 2013 lol,” Said Gabi Demartino, a YouTuber and influencer, in a comment on one of her Instagram posts. She does have a point! As a long time follower of Gabi Demartino, she was the first influencer I followed that was dressing and inspiring others this way. Her whole aesthetic and style were based around dressing girly and fancy, which cottagecore, or ‘cottage chic,’ is known for.

Now, for the clothing that could be described or categorized as cottagecore, it is more than just a little house on the prairie clothing. This aesthetic features the use of florals, baby doll dresses, blouses with ruffles, anything that is pastel, puff sleeves on blouses and dresses, long sleeve dresses, sheer tops and dresses, wicker baskets for purses, and victorian style corsets. The list goes on and on! Plus, you can make the cottagecore style your own.

Isn’t that fabulous? Now that you have an understanding of what cottagecore is, do you what to know some influencers, besides Gabi Demartino, that fit this aesthetic? Look no further! Here are my top three cottagecore influencers on Instagram that I follow and love.

First up- With over a million followers on her page, it is Matilda Djerf better known as @Matildadjerf! Between her mixture of content of food, mostly desserts (super yummy!), farm style living, clothing choices and use of colors, Matilda Djerf embraces the cottagecore lifestyle.

Second- @jolie.vintagelove! Now, Jessie only has 178 followers at the time of this blog post, but her content is too sweet and totally fits the cottagecore vibes along with the shabby chic image that the majority of people go for. Everything about her style, home decor, and accessories fit the idea of what it means to be cottagecore. She is not afraid to mix golds with plain whites and florals.

Third up and last on my list is @oliviaandalice! Olivia and Alice are London fashion sisters who post their content on Instagram and TikTok, mainly about how they style their own clothing. Now, I am personally obsessed with the color choices and how each sister pairs these waves together to make an amazing outfit. Plus, these two use more of the pastels and florals. Also, they have picnics outside like a typical cottagecore influencer!

Finally, here are two brands that I find fit the cottagecore look. One being LoveShackFancy that sells clothing, mainly dresses and skirts, but also shoes, home decor, and other accessories. Now as for Shabby Chic, this brand specializes in bedding, home decor, and other decorative areas with your home.

Now, that you know what cottagecore is, are you going to participate in this aesthetic or are you going to try something new?


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