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College Fashionista: Resume Booster

Updated: May 26, 2020

College Fashionista is a community of college students that utilize media to network and communicate with like-minded students.

I am a part of the community and have been able to gain knowledge on opportunities from summer internships in New York to what to pack for a semester abroad. I love the idea of college students around the nation who all have an interest in fashion, whether it be design, advertising, social media, etc., having this network to connect on.

The platform is also directed for beauty influencers as well. Their concept and hope for this community are to, “introduce college-age students to the inner workings of the fashion and beauty industries by giving them exclusive behind-the-scenes access as well as a medium through which they can experience, engage and share their cunning eyes for self-expression.”

To become apart of CFashionista, you can go onto their website and apply. It’s a simple application and they accept community members three times a year. Once you’re accepted, you get access to a members-only Facebook page where you are free to post questions, respond to others, and so on. A lot of members post about internships, improvements on resumes, and connections on social media platforms. I actually met friends on the facebook page that studied abroad at the same time and place as me and I was able to meet up with them in London.

My favorite aspect of College Fashionista is their Instagram. On their page ( @cfashionista) they repost community members' pictures, post mood boards, keep you up to date on fun trends, and have story spotlights. The story spotlights top community members, usually doing something or pursuing something in the career field. I love these because they really emphasize how you can be pursuing a fashion industry career during college and not just sitting in your merchandising class.

If you intend on heading into the fashion or beauty industry, or just love it, I highly suggest you apply to become a member! It’s a great addition to a resume and can bring you connections you wouldn’t have otherwise.


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