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College Apartment Must-Haves

Regardless of the current state we are in of the Pandemic, colleges are still opening back up, whether that be online, in person, or through hybrid courses. I know some people are staying home and working on their classes online, but there are some people like myself who are moving into their first college apartment to get somewhat of that "college" experience this year. I am finally moved in and here is a list of things that I could not live without inside my college apartment.

1. Oil diffuser

I am lucky enough to have my apartment across from a trash shoot. Having an oil diffuser keeps my home smelling fresh and they’re great for when you can’t have candles inside your home.

2. Humidifier

College apartments have the driest air I’ve ever experienced. Invest in a humidifier and thank me later.

3. Tide stick

I am notorious for spilling on my clothes at least once a day. These are my holy grail.

4. Power strip

Whether I am at home or at college, I always seem to run out of outlets.

5. Mattress pad

Despite what you think, college apartments don’t invest in mattresses. Invest in a mattress pad and you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

6. Couch Cover

You never know who or what has been on the couch you get in your new apartment. Investing in a couch cover makes it feel cleaner and you can get creative with the colors.

7. Faucet Brita

Britas for the fridge are great, but remembering to refill them has always been my biggest problem. A Brita that attaches straight to my kitchen faucet has saved me so much time when it comes to filtered water.

8. Plug-in Water Kettle

Personally, I love a cup of hot tea at any time in the day. This tea kettle boils my water faster and better than just warming it up in the microwave or boiling it on the stove.

9. Alexa

I got an Alexa for my kitchen and it truly changed the game when it comes to hosting people or just cooking each day. I consistently use it to play music while cooking, ask for recipes, or just simply ask what the weather is going to be like each day.


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