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Channeling your inner Euphoria

Right now, the hot topic is HBO's "Euphoria." From their looks to their personalities, teenagers and young adults want to be "cool" just like the characters on the show. If you look at each person on the show, they all have good qualities and bad qualities, just like me and you. When searching for the worst in someone, you are likely to find it, but the same goes for searching for the best in someone. I like to start off by looking at the best qualities in one another. I recommend looking at these characters like you look at yourself, seeing them and still loving them even though they have made mistakes. There is so much to learn in life, starting with learning from one another. Here are some tips that "Euphoria" has taught me.

Have confidence like Maddy

Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez on the set of "Euphoria." Photo by Eddy Chen.

Show yourself off, you deserve that.

Maddy does a fantastic job at this. Some might say she is “full of herself,” but to me, you should give yourself the attention that you deserve. I have seen TikToks lately where they talk about just faking being confident even if you do not feel at your absolute best. I feel like if you can "fake" being confident, then you are confident. You would be surprised at how far believing in yourself will get you in life.

Be unique like Jules

Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn in "Euphoria." Photo by Eddy Chen.

Stay true to yourself.

You could instantly tell that Jules kept the high school on their toes — they were surprised by her style and charisma. They stared at her "unusual" appearance, the appearance that was considered strange because the majority of them had never experienced anything other than their hometown look, where I feel like this is very relatable, or it is to me. Besides the point, Jules is true to herself and keeps her main character vibe going no matter how stares she receives or what others say about her. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Be loyal like Lexi

Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard in "Euphoria." Photo by Eddy Chen

Be there for one another.

Everyone should want a friend like Lexi. She shows us true love in relationships and deep connections in friendships. Caring for her friends in times when they did not care for her, Lexi is consistent with her ability to care for her friends. I love the way she romanticizes life like it is a play. Her loyalty makes her stand out from the rest and that is why Rue, in particular, knows that she can always count on Lexi. Trust the loyal ones.


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