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Certified beanie boys

My two favorite articles of clothing are the beanie and the jacket. One of which, you can wear year-round to elevate any fit… and it’s not the jacket.

The beanie is a staple in my wardrobe; it doesn’t require any sort of elegance or status—its always there for you. It transcends time and socioeconomic status. There to keep your dome warm in the grip of winter but still just as versatile to wear to a summer bonfire.

Maybe growing up enthralled with skate and skiing/snowboarding culture, those guys were the epidemy of cool. They always had a badass beanie on. It's unapologetic and symbolizes “the cool guy.” It makes any outfit more casual and approachable, especially since it doesn’t need to follow any rules. They can be the pop of insane random color that simultaneously doesn’t match anything you are wearing but also pull everything together. A very subtle article of clothing, but it demands your attention.

Some fellow beanie boys include NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Denis Schröder and personal fashion icon D'Angelo Russell, a trademark of the tunnel fits coming into the locker room where I find more of my fit inspo than any red carpet. High fashion designer Thom Browne knows it too, bending what it means to be classy by pairing the beanie with his trademark suits.

All in all, the beanie is versatile, from skaters, athletes, blue-collar workers to high fashion connoisseurs. It’s always there for you to keep you warm as well as bring your whole fit together.

Beanie Recs

Bricks and Wood – Heavy Knit Beanie

Carhartt – Classic Rolled Beanie

Arc’teryx – Bird Head Toque

Neff – Daily Beanie


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