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Be Unique At Relix Bride

A once in a lifetime day calls for a once in a lifetime experience.

In a world where everyone tries to fit in, Relix Bridal offers their brides a unique experience. As they walk through the doors, each bride will be greeted with top designer dresses for them to try on.

“I want the bride leaving understanding who she is more than who she was when she walked through the door," said Chasta Foust, owner and boutique manager. "Because her wedding day is kind of like becoming a woman, which is generally one of the more important days in someone’s life."

Foust said she wants a bride "to feel confident and comfortable not only in herself but also her decision on a dress."

Relix Bridal employees are able to give their brides this special day because of the owner’s 11 years of experience and history in the bridal industry.

“As they enter into Relix Bridal, I make them feel like it’s their home,” Foust said.

Foust said employees talk to brides about designers, collections, fits fabrics and more. Relix Bridal also offers a great incentive package and walks the bride through the process beginning to end.

“So they know the type of experience they get not only just being in the store when they purchase the dress or do fittings for the dress, but the entire journey from saying 'yes' and to walking out for their wedding day," Foust said.

Even with the ideas that the bride comes in with, Relix Bridal employees go the extra mile and think outside the box to find a “wild card” to help the bride find her dream gown.

A bride might come in wanting an A-line dress with no lace and already have a photo of a dress, for example. She may try on several dresses like that, but three or four dresses in, "she is not liking any of them," Foust said.

"So we go out on the floor, we look through our collections, we think this might be the dress so we pull something completely different from what she is describing to us and generally that is usually the dress," she said.

Relix Bridal is located at The Summit Fritz Farm, which Foust said fit her "vibe."

“It was the type of clientele I wanted to reach," she said. "I needed to be among them and offer a great experience and have brands similar to mine."

With that knowledge, Relix Bridal can give its brides a “magical experience.

Photos by: Arden Barnes


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