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Be A Good Citizen; Know Your Politics

Updated: May 26, 2020

Throughout history, most major countries have experienced economic collapse, revolutionary wars or overall reconstruction of its government.

We in the United States should not think ourselves immune to this possibility. Due to our governmental structure, we the people have sway in the evolution of our country. This means we all, especially the rising generations, should be more knowledgeable about what is being discussed, debated and decided in our country as if affects us and will continue to affect us and future generations.

Figuring out our own opinions seems to be getting more and more difficult, but the first step is becoming educated. We hope to provide you with enough information about the importance and issues at stake in our current political climate to encourage you to do more: Read more, have more conversations, expose yourself to diverse viewpoints.

"Avoid the bubble," said Stephen Voss, an associate professor of political science who is on leave this semester. "Fight to get diverse friends."

Most of all, we want to encourage you to vote in every election. Expressing your voice is good for you and for the future of our democracy.


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