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'After We Collided' movie review, cast drama and predictions

Rating my overall experience when it comes to watching and now reviewing the second movie of the "After" franchise, I’m going to have to give “After We Collide” a 2.5 out of five stars. Keep reading to find out why!

As someone who came into the "After" franchise knowing the bare minimum of this Harry Styles fan fiction, created by Anna Todd, I did not expect too much from the first movie "After." With that in mind, I did enjoy the first film way more than the second film. I enjoyed the building of the story, the background, the climax or fall of both characters and even the cheesy ending. However, this second film missed the mark for me.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the movies take place less than a month or two apart and Tessa Young somewhat forgives and forgets Harden Scott’s mistakes and past sins very quickly. Though the story picks up where we last left the characters, the timeline and seasons were a bit off in my opinion. Also, fewer of the supporting characters made an appearance this time. They seemed to only be there to fill time or start conflicts with the main characters.

Actors whose characters were added to the movie but were brushed over were Candice King, Dylan Sprouse, and Charlie Webber. Though I get Tessa was able to get an internship and these characters are going to be a part of her life now, it seemed a bit odd or out of place for their appearances and dialogue together.

What also felt out of place in this film were the characters' wardrobes. For some odd reason, I let it slide in the first film when it came to some of the questionable pieces that were on display on the characters' bodies. But, this second film was littered with questionable fashion choices for our main character Tessa Young. Luckily, Harden Scott survives this fight, because he is always wearing all black, and there is nothing wrong with that.

All in all, when watching "After We Collide," go into the film considering the strands of a teen drama, and remember even those can be a hit or miss.

Now, when it comes to alleged cast drama, in early October right before the second film was going to release, Shane Paul McGhie announced his exit from the film franchise. For those who do not know, McGhie plays Landon in the "After" movies. McGhie revealed that he and the production team could not come to an agreement with the development of his character, and fans think this is the reason why he’s leaving the franchise.

Later on in the month, it was revealed that McGhie is being replaced with the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" star Chance Perdomo. If you do a little bit of digging, you can see that the cast and Perdomo are currently filming in Bulgaria for the "After We Fell" film, which is the third movie in the franchise.

Now, in the same month, there were rumors going around that Todd was fired from the production of "After." However, there is no evidence to back up this claim. Therefore, at the moment it is just a rumor! But, what is not a rumor is that McGhie is not the only one being recast for this movie. Cast members who are joining this third film are Stephen Moyer, Arielle Kebbel, Mira Sorvino and Carter Jenkins.

There is no word at this moment if Sprouse will come back to reprise the role of Trevor Matthews or if a recast for this character is in the works. Furthermore, I would like to add that the reason the third film has so many recasts is because it’s being filmed out of Bulgaria in the midst of a pandemic and some actors understandably do not feel safe or do not want to travel at this time for work.

Finally, when it comes to what the third film will be about, Tessa is making the biggest decision of her life and everything will change. Revelations about her family and Hardin make her question her future with everyone. This is a bit dramatic and a little bit confusing, but I am invested in the "After" franchise and the story and will definitely watch the third film.

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