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Aerie's New Uplifting Campaign

The lingerie company Aerie for American Eagle has started a campaign called Aerie REAL. This is all about the idea of being body positive no matter what your shape, age, or size is. This brand targets teens, mothers, athletes or those to really don't have time to hit the gym. No matter who you are, and no matter your lifestyle Aerie has the perfect bra for you that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. We are all beautiful the way that we are, and this brand promotes that idea.

The Aerie REAL movement also has a blog where customers can share their own stories about their struggles with body image. It is almost impossible in society today where we are continually seeing skinny models to think that our bodies are enough. We have all come to the assumption that to be beautiful we have to have long legs and tiny waists. But the fact of the matter is that bodies such as the ones we see on social media are not any better than our ones. Many images we see today are often retouched to make their waist smaller, their neck longer, their cheeks more defined.

The list of the way people retouch photos goes on and on. But that is what brands like Aerie are trying to stop with these campaigns. They suggest to share your unretouched pictures on social media and to tag them, to show the real and perfect you. The slogan of the campaign is “Girl Power, Body Positivity, No Retouching #AerieREAL.” I think especially as college students that it would be beneficial to come together and support each other to once and for all end this stereotype of what is beautiful in our culture. For more information on this amazing Aerie movement, you can check out the video “Don’t change you. Change your bra!,” by Aerie on Youtube.


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