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Advice that changed my perspective on college

Nobody cares about what you’re doing because they’re too busy thinking about themselves

The biggest anxiety that I had to overcome in college was worrying about what people thought of me. One day while I was talking to my therapist about how worried I was about what people think of me, she said this to me. She told me to look at it from an outside perspective. She had me ask myself, are you constantly thinking negatively about people you see walking through campus? Are you constantly judging what people wear, how they look, or what they’re doing with their life? The answer to all these questions was no,

and if you ask yourself these questions,

you’ll probably have the

same answer.

Turn off your social media notifications

Being an advertising major, deleting social media is out of the question for me. I struggled with a solution to limiting my time on social media until I did this. I felt disconnected from my friends the first time I did this, but I realized social media was the only way I felt connected with my friends. This forced me to reach out to my friends and connect with them face to face.

Overall turning off my notifications lowered my time on social media, helped me discover new hobbies, lowered my anxiety.

Your major doesn’t define your life

Freshman year, I came to the University of Kentucky to study biology. Now I’m about to enter my senior year studying strategic communication with a focus on creative advertising. I don’t know if I want to spend my whole life in the advertising industry, I’m even considering going to law school after college. The point is, your major doesn’t define what direction you take in life, that’s for you to decide. Nobody knows what they want to spend their whole life doing at 18-21 years old. Things change, people change, it’s okay if your career changes too.


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