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A hot birthday

Oh, how I wish it wasn’t my birthday in the dead of winter. I am not sure why this annoys me so much; perhaps it's because of the annual ice storms or the fact that outdoor activities are discouraged. A birthday should be a day when you focus on yourself and express gratitude for the year that has passed. For the time being, I will toast Geminis, Cancers, Leos and Virgos, since this one is for you. Although I enjoy a good celebration, I wish it could have been in the spring or summer, so here are some suggestions if you are celebrating a birthday or just want to have a good time in the sunshine.

Picnic: The Arboretum, State Botanical Garden of KY

Imagine a day in the bluegrass — no, literally, in the grass — with a plaid blanket. All your favorite people surround you, munching on some of your favorite foods and enjoying nature.

Beach Day (in Kentucky): Laurel River Lake

Personally, when I think of the beach, Kentucky does not come to mind. Although it may not be the first choice for a beach day, there are ways to make the brown lake water look a little better than it is. Having a positive mind in any situation is the first step. The second step is inviting some of your friends, or maybe you just want a serene day yourself which is totally fine, either option is a good option. The last step is bringing some beach chairs, lying under the sun and going for an occasional dip in the lake to cool off — thank me later.

Hiking trip: Red River Gorge Geological Area

I am not the biggest hiker myself, but it sounds fun. Going on a little adventure in the woods or any park can add some much-needed excitement to the day.

Bonfire/Cookout: Your backyard or rooftop if you are cool like that

Do not let this one sound lame in your head. Listen — sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and singing songs is a classic hit that will never miss. It is the little things in life that give the best memories.


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