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A Caturday Catch


Caturday is back and so is the amazing Kentucky blue style! As we come closer to parents weekend against Florida, our outfits have to be on point.

My most favorite way to shop for Caturday is snuggled up in my bed on my laptop surfing the fashionista web!

Being the broke college student that I am, my go-to website is Shein! Both outfits in the Caturday photo above are from Shein and were no more than $10.00 for each outfit. The Shein website has thousands of different items that would be precious for Caturday!

But, on those once-in-a-blue-moon days where I want to splurge on some game day apparel, Draper James at The Summit and Sugar Belle's Boutique on Woodland are hot spots for the perfect Kentucky blue gear. I recently picked up the best t-shirt ever from Draper James, it is a light-weight, white and blue Tailgates and Touchdowns tee that is great for the Kentucky heat! The best part about that t-shirt is that it has a matching grey and blue crewneck sweatshirt for the chillier days at Kroger Field.

Sugar Belle's Boutique also has some of the best game day pins that I have ever seen in store. They have your typical "go cats" and "it's gameday in the bluegrass", but my favorite is their white pin that has a blue paw print with matching lettering that reads, "never lost a tailgate!" I mean come on, is that not the cutest?

Now, sometimes on Caturday's the best outfit isn't made by the clothes - it's made by the accessories! Gameday Couture has the greatest bags, shoes, hats, and earrings to give your Caturday style that extra boost you need to make the other team they wish they had us as their student section!

I can't wait to see all of the Caturday and Kentucky blue style this season, and I hope everyone finds some great pieces from some of my favorite shops!

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Sep 24, 2022

Hello mate great bllog post

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