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6 Must Haves For Any Sporting Event

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

So you are going to a sporting event. There are a million things going through your mind. What do I need to wear? What do I need to bring? What bag do I need to carry? Girl, I totally get what you mean and how you feel. Oh, then there are so many questions about the weather. Is the sporting event inside or outside? Is it 30 degrees or 70 degrees? Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel! I have 6 things you need for every sporting event no matter what the weather throws at you.

1. Phone

You need your phone for everything these days. You can use it to take pictures of the memories you're creating or looking up the opposing team’s roster.

2. Glasses

Whether you can’t see because you need glasses to see the field better or it’s too sunny out so you need your sunglasses. You're going to need glasses to get the best view of the field.

3. Jacket

The weather may be very hot outside or cold in the arena or maybe it is snowing outside, so you need a jacket so you do not get frostbite.

4. Gum

You need gum for every situation. You're nervous about the game, so you need some gum to chomp on. You need gum to keep your breath smelling fresh after you eat the concession stand food too.

5. Clear Purse

After the new rule change, most arenas and stadiums require everyone to have clear bags. A bag is a must to keep all your belongings in one place and safe.

6. Tickets

This is such a basic item, but it is a need! You need the tickets to get in the game and to keep them in your memory box.


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