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5 Tips For Rocking An Interview

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

It’s coming to that time when everyone is looking for a job, whether it’s an internship, something for the summer, or a career. These 5 tips can give you a little boost when you are applying and interviewing for a job.

1. Be Confident

This is something that is bigger than just interviews, it’s a life skill. Confidence can help you be the best of yourself, and show others you are your best. Employers are looking for the best and brightest that they can work with and being confident shows you’re not afraid of a challenge.

2. Have at Least Two Other People Review Your Resume

I have done this before because it helps you see what needs to go or be added in your resume. Make sure the people reviewing your resume are not strangers. Have a parent, or a close professor, or even a friend who’s in the same boat. It helps to have someone critique you so you know what to look for when preparing for the interview.

3. Have Something To Hype You Up

I call it the “Rocky” song I play a song right before I walk into an important test, meeting, or interview. This doesn’t have to be a song it can be a picture of something, a list, or a video; but have something that puts you in a powerful mood. Now, don’t go in being crazy, make sure to listen like a half hour before or before you show up maybe in the car ride. This is my favorite because it helps with tip one.

4. Research Questions

This is extremely helpful because if you know the questions they are going to ask you will know how to answer them without sounding cliché. It helps if you know someone at the company you are interviewing for, but not everyone has that connection. Look online sometimes people will have interviewed with them and know the questions. Indeed has comment sections for jobs and sometimes people will put them there. If you can’t find them practice with some basic questions. Being prepared is always the best option.

5. Be Yourself

This is the most important step because employers can tell if you’re not being genuine. That is the biggest selling point too, it’s who you are because there are certain jobs for certain people. Being yourself helps you and the employer know if this is the right fit. I know not every job is not your career, but even if it’s for the summer or for the next five years try to find a place that is the best fitting for you!

Hopefully, these tips were helpful, and if you have any other ideas make sure to comment below. Good luck on all your interviews, and show them your #girlboss


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