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5 Reasons Why you NEED Lululemon Leggings

Updated: May 26, 2020

I have always been the person who has thought of clothes as investment pieces. When deciding whether or not to but Lululemon leggings, I thought of them as another investment piece. I know the price tag is not ideal, but I personally believe that you can wear leggings with almost anything. I tend to choose black leggings because black matches mostly with everything I own.

When you walk in the store, you will be greeted by the nicest Lululemon employee who is knowledgeable on all the fabrics they have to choose from. They will walk you through each legging fabric type, each style and each length of the leggings. As they let you feel the fabric, they explain what activities are best fit for each legging. They basically help you find the perfect pair of leggings for your needs.

These are the reasons why you NEED Lululemon leggings now:

  1. They are comfortable. I wear them all year round when it’s 80 degrees or when it’s five degrees simply because they are comfortable.

  2. You can wear them with anything. I wear my leggings with literally anything. I wear them out to dinner with friends with a cute top, to class with an oversized sweatshirt and when exercising in the gym.

  3. They last for a long time. Everyone knows the frustration when the leggings they bought three weeks ago start pilling. Wasting your money on something that you can’t wear out anymore is the worst. If you take of them, Lululemon leggings last forever.

  4. All the leggings stay high rise. When you are exercising, it is the most annoying thing when they start inching down. You don’t want to stop a work out to pull up your leggings. You won’t have to worry about that with Lululemon leggings.

  5. There are many types and colors of leggings to choose from. With many different styles, you can do anything with them. The nicest employees will help you find the perfect pair.

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Reeva M
Reeva M
Aug 21, 2021

Greaat read thanks

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