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5 Easy Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Sometimes us naturals would like to spice up our hairstyle time from time. Rocking the curly fro is essential but switching it up is key too. These are  5 hairstyles that can be done within minutes but yet are still cute. 

1. Half up half down

This style can be worn just about anywhere. You can dress down your half up half down style or even dress it up for a special occasion. 

2. Puff

This is one of the most go-to hairstyles. Pushing our hair up into a high puff is a great way to get your hair out of your face and wear a different style that still showcases your beautiful curls.

3. Wash n go

Wash n go is always going to be the style. This is the way you rock your curls into a big fro. This style is one of the easiest. 

4. Slick back ponytail

This is another style that will get your hair out of your face and you can easily wear it anywhere. This can take literally take minutes and is so cute, you can even jazz up your style by adding barbie pins to the side. 

5. Two buns (Space buns)

This style is starting to become popular in the natural community.  This is a unique hairstyle that you will see just about anywhere. Lots of curly college girls are incorporating this into there hairstyles. Also, girls who love a dress down think this is the perfect look. 

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