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3 Local Must Shop Boutiques

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Is it just me or are boutiques becoming more and more popular every day? Every time I get on my Instagram or any other social media, clothing boutiques tend to pop up or someone is tagging them in their pictures. The clothing featured on their social media and websites has such a southern twain about them. Plus, these boutiques know what the hottest trends are before anyone else. As for today, I would like to report to you about the four southern styles and on-trend boutiques located here in Lexington, Kentucky.

Starting off this list is JamesC Boutique, located on 836 Euclid Avenue Suite 107 which is right beside the Kroger on Euclid Ave. This boutique has a range of styles available from girly to edgy. JamesC carries currently on trend and affordable pieces for this winter. There are many jumpsuits and formal dresses available for any occasion whether it is winter commencement or just going out. If you are someone looking for any of these options, then look no further. James C boutique might be the place to look at. Their Instagram is @jamescboutique

Attention for anyone who is obsessed with the cheetah and animal print movement going on in the fashion world right now, this next boutique here in Lexington might just be for you. Located on 513 E Maxell and called Calypso Boutique, not only does this boutique have sweaters in this print, but as well as earrings, purses, and dresses. This boutique has the style of the brands Free People and Alter State, across their website and Instagram. However, the fun does not stop there as of January 20th, 2019, the company is having a sale on their clothing and accessories from their fall clothing. Check out their Instagram @calypsoboutique

Last but certainly not least, is my first ever boutique I had a chance to go into while here in Lexington, with friends during rush week for fall recruitment was called Peacocks and Pearls Boutique. Not only does this boutique have creative fashion for their clothing, but as well as a section for those big blue nation fans. They have affordable Caturday shirts and sweatshirts for fans to wear to any event. But it's okay if you’re not a cats fan this boutique has more to offer than just that. Their sections of jumpers, rompers, dresses, and sweaters are to die for. Due to the range of colors and styles for each article of clothing. If you don’t believe me go check out their Instagram @peacockandpearlslex


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